About Us – Mystique Glitter Co.

About Us

 Mystique Glitter Co. mission is to be the primary supplier of glitter for artist of all mediums. We provide high-quality polyester glitter that is non-toxic and solvent resistant, this allows you to use our glitter safely for any craft without worry of it losing its beautiful sparkle! 

 Mystique Glitter Co. was founded by CEO Christi Johnson in 2021. Christi is a mother of three beautiful children who was searching for passion and happiness when she discovered the art of resin crafting and decided to tap-in to her creative side. She began her journey as a creative entrepreneur by selling resin keychains on Etsy. After her first successful year she decided to further her business interests by opening Mystique Glitter Co. providing high-quality glitter to artist of all mediums at an affordable price. The positive feedback from customers and continued support from creatives is what has helped Mystique Glitter Co. to become the top selling glitter supplier that it is today. We are grateful for your business and look forward to seeing more of your art!

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"Remember to find your passion and do what makes your soul sparkle!"

-CEO Christi Johnson

Mystique Glitter Co. CEO Christi Johnson